Black & White Crawl Tunnel
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Black & White Crawl Tunnel

Black & White Crawl Tunnel

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This item consists of a set of 5 trapezium shaped desks of increasing size. The smaller desks can be pushed inside the larger desks and can be stacked in the corner of the classroom when not in use. The desks can be arranged in a line from the largest to smallest as shown in the photograph by which it can be used as a crawl tunnel. Initially, the number of desks lined up can be 2-3 and as the child becomes increasingly proficient, the number of desks and the difficulty level can be increased. The tunnel can also be used as individual desks in the classroom when not used as a crawl tunnel. A great gross motor skills activity for the young child. The tunnel is also painted in attractive colours from white (Smallest) to black (largest desk) with shades of grey in between.

Size 70 cm x 40 cm x 56 cm ht when stacked together 70 cm x 190 cm x 56 cm ht approx when kept as a crawl tunnel
Weight (Kg)
Weight (Kg) 20.125

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