Counting Jigsaw
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Counting Jigsaw

Counting Jigsaw

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A self correcting puzzle to match the symbol with the quantity. Initially it is used as a jigsaw puzzle. The child randomly matches the shapes and fits the quantity 1 with the symbol 1 and so on. Once the child has learnt quantity and symbol, he matches the same and discovers that 7 means 7 dots. The child can also use counters to place on the dots and hence can physically count the counters. Eventually the set is also used to distinguish odd and even numbers by the dot formation.Since it is self correcting at every step, the child can use it reinforce his quantity understanding all by himself. the set comprises 20 pieces - Numbers 1 to 10 on one part of the jigsaw and the quantity 1 to 10 on the other part. A must have arithmatic activity

Size 17.0 cm x 10.5 cm x 5.0 cm
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