LC Drawing Insets
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LC Drawing Insets

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The material consists of ten precisely cut metal insets in blue colour placed on corresponding pink coloured frames. There are two stands slightly inclined to display the metal insets. On one stand are the rectilinear figures i.e. equilateral triangle, square, rectangle, trapezium and pentagon. On the second stand are the curvilinear figures i.e. circle, ellipse, oval, rosette and curvilinear triangle. All shapes are identical in dimension to the geometrical insets. This material is used for tracing and as a pre-cursor to writing activity for children.

Difference with Premium: Differences are in the paints used to paint the insets. In the premium range, we use PU Paints, whereas in the economy range we use water based paints.

Size Size of each stand - 70 cm x 14.5 cm x 3 cm
Weight (Kg)
Weight (Kg) 4.1

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