LC Knobless Cylinders
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LC Knobless Cylinders

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A set of 4 boxes each containing wooden cylinders without knobs corresponding to each of the cylinder blocks. 10 blue cylinders corresponding to block A. 10 red cylinders corresponding to block B. 10 yellow cylinders corresponding to block C. 10 green cylinders corresponding to block D.

Difference with Premium: Differences are in the boxes used. In premium range we use polished wooden boxes, whereas for economy range we use boxes made of pre-laminated wooden sheets. Also, in the premium range the boxes provided ar shaped boxes, whereas in the economy range, it is a square box with the lids painted as per the colours of the cylinder inside. Also, the wood used to make the cylinders is different in the premium and economy ranges.Also, the paints used differ. In the premium range we use PU paints, whereas in the economy range we use water based paints

Size Each Box - 15.5 cm x 15.5 cm x 6.5 cm
Weight (Kg)
Weight (Kg) 2.6

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