LC Map puzzle: World
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LC Map puzzle: World

LC Map puzzle: World

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A painted puzzle map cut as a jigsaw puzzle with continents being in different colours corresponding to the globe. The coins are cut accurately so that they sit precisely against each other on the map and yet they are easy to put back and remove. The children enjoy the activity of taking out all the pieces and putting them all back inside one by one. Over a period of time once they identify states by the name, they get a clear understanding of the shape, name, location and more. Differences with premium: The coins are painted on the sides in the premium range whereas in the economy range, we do not paint the sides. Also, the premium range maps are fixed with a polished teak wood beading whereas the economy range does not have any beadings. Also, the premium map is printed with the globes which is not the case in the economy map

Size 58 cm x 40 cm x 2 cm
Weight (Kg)
Weight (Kg) 1.95

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