LC Sandpaper Letters Capital
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LC Sandpaper Letters Capital

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Sandpaper letters are an excellent way of introducing the written form of alphabet of any language to children. The material includes a set of cards with sandpaper letters stuck on them from A to Z. The consonants are on pink cards and the vowels are on blue cards. The cards are stored in a box. The capital letters are usually the last ones to be introduced, since of the three English script forms they are the least critical. There is a gap on the left side for the child to grip the card firmly and the letter is pasted on the right side of the card. The child runs 2 fingers over the shape to obtain the sensorial-muscular-visual impression of the letter.

Differences with premium: Differences are in the boxes used. In premium range we use polished wooden boxes, whereas for economy range we use boxes made of pre-laminated wooden sheets. Also, the cards are painted on the sides in the premium range whereas in the economy range, we do not paint the sides.

Size 29 cm x 23 cm x 8 cm
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Weight (Kg) 2.4

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