LC Tertiary Colour Tablets
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LC Tertiary Colour Tablets

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A partitioned box containing 63 rectangular colour tablets in 9 colours. Each colour comes in 7 shades from light to dark. This colour gradation activity is the last step in colour differentiation and contains the following 9 colours - red, yellow, blue, green, orange, purple, brown, pink, grey. The tablets come with white grips.

Difference with Premium: Differences are in the boxes used. In premium range we use polished wooden boxes, whereas for economy range we use boxes made of pre-laminated wooden sheets. Also, the grips for the colour tablets in the premium range are made of wood, whereas in the economy range, the grips are made of plastic

Size 27 cm x 27 cm x 6 cm
Weight (Kg)
Weight (Kg) 2

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