Picket Fence Indoor Set of 3
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Picket Fence Indoor Set of 3

Picket Fence Indoor Set of 3

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This is used in classrooms / preschools to partition areas attractively. This set includes a set of 3 picket fences, each picket fence have 5 vertical boards. The vertical boards are dyed and polished in attractive colours. The U shaped support piece (painted white) can be fixed to the floor with screws if required to provide a sturdy and permanent partition if it is deemed necessary in the preschool. Each picket fence covers a horizontal length fo 3 feet. Hence this set of 3 picket fences can be used to create a partition of 9 feet length approx. All the fences are approx. 2.5' high

Size Size of 1 picket fence - 90 cm x 25 cm x 75 cm approx
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Weight (Kg) 14.75

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