Timeline of a child's day
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Timeline of a child's day

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This set has 10 sets of cards. Each set has 3 parts. One part of the card has the time and activity printed on it. The second part has a picture of the activity. The third part has a picture of the activity has the picture of the activity , the time and the name of the activity. Eg .Part 1 has 5 PM , playtime with friends, Part 2 - a picture of playtime, Part 3 - A picture of play time with friends with 5 Pm and playtime of friends written below. Timeline cards are intially used by the child to undersand names of his various activities like taking a bath, eating, sleeeping and so on. Besides this there is also a clock printed on all the 2nd and 3rd parts that the child can read once he has learnt to read time. Even if he cannot read time, the child reads 5 PM in words and looks at the clock, it indicates to him how 5 Pm looks on a clock. Understanding his own daily activities, naming them, getting an indication of time spent in a day gives the child a high awareness of self and this is a very critical step in socio emotional development.

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